Friday, October 24, 2008

you show me yours, i'll show you mine.

i'm really excited about this whole blogging deal.

sure, i realize i'm jumping on this band wagon realively late. i also realize that anyone who reads my blog (doubtful) will find out certain inconsistencies about me.

that's the tricky thing about blogging. you put yourself out there, but you have do it in a consistent style. you know what i mean?

if you change up your writing too much, people will see you are not as certain about yourself as you would like them to think.

one of my best friends writes in such a way that i can actually hear her voice saying the words. wow. i wish i had that gift. maybe i'm just more uncertain about myself that others are.

however, i am certain that keeping this blog will:
1. help me procrastinate homework (i have a paper due tomorrow over who knows what)
2. challenge me to be consistent
3. provide another outlet through which to stalk my friends
4. push me to embrace myself.

i'll start with #4 (#1 and #3 are done and done)

i love:


wedding cake




that's enough embracing myself for tonight. more to come...

there are so many things in this world : )

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