Thursday, October 30, 2008

in my own little corner...

"in my own little corner
in my own little chair
i can be whatever i want to be."

remember those lyrics? those lovely lines are from the classic Brandi Cinderella, one of my childhood favs.

who doesn't love her 'own little corner?'

here's mine (featuring jeaux, our summer dog):

tonight i did not win baylor homecoming queen. honestly, i was completely honored to be nominated in the first place...which apparently left me standing without the crown.

in my last post i expressed gratitude for not being 'that guy,' which was an allusion to one young lady in my interview group who was...well, she wasn't not obnoxious. in her answer, she said, 'well, like katie said, i'm so honored, but mostly, i'm completely humbled."

anyway, congratulations to 'that guy' and her 'humility' and her crown.

in my own little corner there are flowers from a boy and a note which reads, 'you will always be my queen. i'm so proud of you,' and the echos of brilliantly loud cheers (quite possibly the loudest) from wonderful friends as my name was called.

sweet little corner, there's no place i'd rather be.
so much love.

[and perhaps a healthy bit of bitterness? hehe. wilhoit: commiserate over andre?]

1 comment:

Sarah said...

perfect post. you know what? I love your corner. I would never go to "that guy's" corner. While she may have won the title, I still think it's the "Year of Katie."


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