Tuesday, October 28, 2008

baylor kids = super fit & good looking

Everyone knows that Baylor students are hot[t]. According to factoids spouted out by the cool kids giving campus tours, Baylor was voted one of the most active colleges in texas (or the U.S./world, something like that- whateve).

Anyway, whatever the exact facts are, I know they are true. In fact, upon moving into our new home, my roommate, "the dude," found an abandoned ab-lounge in our shed. That's right- an ab-lounge, straight of the infomercials circa 1999! How generous and Christian of the previous tenants to leave this jewel for us! Good thing they did too; we got to stay smokin' to keep up the Baylor student body's foxy reputation.

Here's a sneak peak from my 'documentary' (you're welcome):

i'd love to show you more, but i've got to get my beauty sleep. i'll post more when i have time (after watching gossip girl & walking the bear trail- so much to do!)


Lauren Madison said...

ha ha ha.

I love this post and I love those videos.

silly Baylor :)

Anonymous said...

Katie! I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! And calling me a Tina Fey is pretty much the biggest compliment in the world, just so you know! So THANKS!

I miss you!


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