Tuesday, February 1, 2011

it's time for a blank canvas

Ross & I are so ready to move out of the apartment.
Apartment living's been great and everything,
but we are ready for space. 
Space away from our grouchy neighbor that lives uneath us,
(whose favorite hobby is banging on his ceiling/our floor with a broom)
backyard space for our puppy to run and play in,
and mostly (for me, anyway) a new space to set up house in.
Our colorful little first home has been so much fun,
but it's time for new paint, new colors, new arrangements, new fabrics...
and hopefully, not one inch of carpet.

On that note,
it's time to give this blog a little makeover.


Emily P. said...

ditto on the carpet. so sick of ours!

Rebecca Win said...

Is that your home?!?!??!?!?!
Either way - I feel inspired!
And I agree with the carpet. I just moved to hardwoods in the city - in loooove.

katie said...

i girl i wish it were our apartment! so jealous of your hardwoods in the city! our apartment is carpet city.


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