Saturday, February 5, 2011

engagement video

What you are about to see is my first attempt at something I've been wanting to make for a while:
the engagement video!

I was beyond excited to take some engagement photos of my friends from Baylor, Chad & Alise,
because they are so fun.  Little did I know exactly how cute and in love they were until getting to hang out with just them for a couple of hours.  

I love that with videos (in this case, stop-motion style) you get more of the story
of the day- wind blown hair, goofy facial expressions, and just straight up silly moments.
You can check out some of their engagement pictures on my other blog,
but while you're here, I proudly present you with 
Chad & Alise's engagement video!
* please note this is my first attempt at anything like this- so it's sooo far from perfect, 
but it was really fun to make, mostly because their pictures put the biggest smile on my face.


The Cherrys said...

Katie! So very cute and good. Enjoyed it and all your pictures you post. You are very talented.

kara said...

Katie, this is so great! You are truly talented!


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