Sunday, September 12, 2010

where are the kolaches?

the start of this year has been so much different
 from the beginning of last's. 
we're a little more established
and are incredibly blessed with good friends.
we're parents to a great little puppy,
and i absolutely love my new job.
all that to say, this year we are truly happy
living here in college station.
(though, to be honest, i am still struggling with my road rage issues
 due to the freakishly slow drivers in this city,
but that's neither here nor there.)

yesterday we ventured to a nearby city, caldwell,
 for the annual kolache festival.
apparently, caldwell is the czech capital of texas.

and of course we brought the baby puppies :)

poor roux slept all day yesterday after we got home.
thankfully roux's best friend clive has a super cool traveling water bowl
(from REI, of course) which he shared with roux.

the only downside to the kolache fest. was the extreme heat...
we are so ready for fall to get here!

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