Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bath time with roux man

when we adopted mr. roux, a black lab mix, we naturally thought he would be a water dog.  
you know, that he couldn't resist a good romp through the sprinklers or making a big splash in the pool.  well, this silly little pup could absolutely do without the water it seems... 
though he is getting better (i think?).

saturday is roux-gets-a-bath-so-he-doesn't-smell-like-a-lab-and-stink-up-our-apartment-day
and although these photos look like we are absolutely torturing him,
we really do give him perfectly innocent baths.

"daaaaad stop plllleeeaase!"

"i get no respect around here."

"i still really, really love dad!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The poor, poor, pitiful puppy....having to bathe with a hose...and outdoors for all the world to see! No wonder he looks so humiliated!
Can't he have an indoor bath, with warm water?



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