Tuesday, December 8, 2009

feliz cumpleanos to me!

dear riverwalk at christmas time,
you are truly breathtaking! can't tell you how much i love all your lights.

dear market street,
i've never wondered "who would buy this stuff" so much on one shopping trip before.  maybe ditch all the airbrushed hat & shirt stations...

dear design*sponge,
thanks for your city guide on san antonio. our weekend was full of new & interesting places thanks to you. {we especially loved mad hatters & the guenther house!}

dear my birthday, 
i'm starting to feel weird about you.  

dear college station friends,
thank you for celebrating!! hope you liked ross' first cake! i'm down for more taboo when ya'll are...

dear ross, 
thank you for being the best husband and friend i could ever imagine.  you made my birthday weekend so special.

dear family & friends from afar,
i freakin miss you, but thank you for all the wonderful calls & happy birthday wishes.  you mean the world to me.

dear birthday cake ross made for me,
are you a good option for breakfast? lets see...


mc said...

Dear Katie,
Happy belated birthday! Cake is an exceptional choice for breakfast.
Love you!

Sarah said...

I reallllly missed you on your birthday. We've shared some special ones together!! Can't wait to hear what's so "awesome.." get on skype!

Lauren Madison said...

Yay!!! So glad you had a wonderful birthday :) Sad I couldn't be there to celebrate with you...love you, plupin!!!!

Mrs. Frazier said...

Happy {belated} birthday! It looks like y'all had soo much fun! and GREAT pictures... you have such a great eye.


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