Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a good day

my friend carrie & i adventured over to
the cutest little fresh farmer's market just 5 min from my apt.

i had seen it one afternoon while i was 'lost' 
driving home from micheals. 
now that i'm living in a new city, i find that 'getting lost'
isn't that bad after all. in fact, it's the best way
to stumble upon these wonderfully unique & hidden places
which kindly turn mundane activities into tiny adventures.

sorry h.e.b., you've been replaced. 

and in other news, 


Carrie said...

eeek!!! :) :) :)

HEB is totally down by the wayside.

Sarah Satt said...

You're a barista!!
Congrats :)

Lauren Madison said...

YAY!!!! Congrats girl! You're going to be the most cheerful and beautiful barista ever for sure :) College Station is baller...I knew it. Love, love you!

K said...

Congrats, little barista!

And yes, I DO remember all that mischief in the library. It was the best:)

mc said...



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