Tuesday, July 21, 2009

first two weeks of marriage: check plus

life in the twin cities is starting to get into gear, but not too fast. thankfully 

so far, we've:
- we finished painting the study
{note: red was not the best idea. also, painting a challenging color while drinking wine & watching scrubs doesn't give the room a great effect. but hey, they can't all be winners}

- broken in the dance floor of the kitchen & living room

- explored the many generous wedding gifts we received, especially the ones involving the preparation & enjoyment of food :)

- hit the town on two occasions with ross' future classmates with just the right amount of nerdy-ness.

- completed our hp marathon & loved the half blood prince. 
{even though a tornado blew through town, and a ceiling tile in our theater let way to a gushing waterfall mid movie}

- checked out a church...but there was some 'whooping' during the service, so...

-applied for jobs.

- loved not having to say goodbye.


Mrs. Frazier said...

uhhh, y'all are so stinking cute. We need to come visit. FYI- Katie, you looked beautiful.. absolutely stunning on July 4th, I am sooo sad I missed it... stupid Kansas.

Sarah Satt said...

miss you guys so much.
can't wait to see all this in person!
p.s. that is dashing photo of scross :)
love love love you both!

Lauren Madison said...

sounds like the best week of marriage ever...isn't it so exciting that you get to have so many more of the best weeks together?! aw, i can't wait to be there and share this with y'all too! love you, katie plu pinson!


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