Wednesday, March 2, 2011

waco weekend

last friday, 
ross, roux & i hopped in the car 
and headed to one of our most favorite places...
baylor university!
we got to see sing, go to a dance party, drink sangria with best friends, 
celebrate friends at a couples shower, stop by our favorite thrift store, 
enjoy ninfaritas with more friends, drink common grounds coffee, 
and even walk the bear trail. 

...and the best part
(besides celebrating pi phi winning sing for the first time ever!)
was my little sister calling & saying that 
she's going to baylor next year!!

we are so excited for the many, many waco road trips to waco in our future, 
and even happier that emily is about to embark on the incomparable adventure
that is life at good ol' BU. 


hapi said...

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Mrs. Frazier said...

Thank you sweet friend - we are excited. Its been a crazy road with some bumps, but God is faithful & has a plan. :) We miss y'all!! How is life there? You need to post more!! :) I miss seeing updates! How is your business coming!?

Anonymous said...

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