Sunday, February 14, 2010

love love love

ross & i had a completely wonderful valentines weekend-
which left me feeling full of love and incredibly blessed.

friday afternoon i surprised ross by telling him we would be going away for the weekend.
almost 2 hours of driving and extreme glee soundtrack sing-a-long-ing later,
we arrived in austin, and check into a fabulous hotel (thanks, mom & dad!).

that night, we headed out to catch our dinner reservation downtown, and to ross' surprise (and loudly expressed delight) we met up with our dear friends from bcs- the higleys!

after a swanky mexican meal, we hit the town for some salsa dancing.
(note: salsa may be our achilles heal in the dancing world. so fun, but so not easy)
it wasn't until we were absorbing the coolness of austin in the elephant room filled with jazz
that i told ross the next surprise: a photo shoot with stancy higley!

all day saturday was dedicated to enjoying the long lost sunshine. we had so much fun working with stancy and taking pictures all over congress street. at the end of the photo session, we even got to enjoy a mighty cone (freakishly good) & a cupcake. there's just something about eating food out of a cool silver airstream in the sunshine on a street filled with people walking their dogs & having fun. and now we're praying that it will be in accordance with God's will that ross & i can move to austin next summer.

anyway, saturday night ross and i enjoyed a nice meal to celebrate our first married valentines day & pray that we will have many, many more together. and then decided it would be in the best interests of our waistlines to lay off the nice dinners for a while.... but we are so grateful that that we got to spend away with friends and quality alone time.

here's to sharing the love & loving salads from here on out.


The Yager Family said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

love love love! i've been considering doing something similar, because our engagement pics didn't turn out as i had hoped. you've inspired me!

Lauren Madison said...

just lovely, Pinsons :) y'all are awesome and I miss y'all so much!


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