Monday, April 27, 2009

study break no. 1

{freakin yum}

peanut butter & chocolate chip brownies.
i have a feeling a study break is in order sometime this week to make these heavenly treats.

i baked a lot this past year. last spring, the gentlemen of kappa sigma asked me to be their sweetheart. this sounds so lame, but it really was one of the best days of my life- and since then, one of the best years. every monday of this school year, i've been able to go to their meetings with tasty treats, funny stories, and silly awards to give out. i would spend hours preparing on sunday evenings, but not matter how much i gave- i always received so much more.

last wednesday i passed on the sweetheart torch. i met the guys on the suspension bridge, and we walked to the middle singing the sweetheart song to another girl. i found myself crying when i got there- sad it was over, that the year had gone by so fast. but once we were on the bridge and i saw her face, i was overcome with joy- remembering how humbled, honored, blessed, loved, overwhelmed, shocked i felt on that bridge one year ago. it was all in her face too.

the best part of the day was all the affirming words the guys gave me. i still can't help tearing up when i think about their kind words, smiles, hugs... ross sent me roses with a card that says, "you'll always be my sweetheart." this is truly so cheesy, but having the joy of being sweetheart taught me a lot about love.

every monday, when i walked into their room i was greeted with an uproar of cheers, yells, guys literally bouncing off the walls- the best feeling in the world.
this is how we should always feel when we think about how God delights in us and loves us fully and unconditionally. i like to think that he is overjoyed by the sight of us and wants to encourage us with his cheers of love and encouragement. and, theres no time limit!
as much love and affirmation i experienced through those men this past year, nothing can fill or satisfy me in the the way that God's love can.

i'm looking forward to baking for ross, our new friends, & our future family throughout the rest of my life- but i know whenever i pull out the cookie sheet or brownie pan i'll remember what it was like to bake for those 75+ guys and feel God's love through them every week.

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